Referral Program

15% for referring a customer


You get a reference code/number from us via WhatsApp/Telegram/E-mail

The client who is being referred cites the reference number and the name of the referee to us

After signing the contract with the new client and transferring the money to our checking account, we transfer 15% from the contract sum to your checking account (legal entity/individual entrepreneur), or your bank card (self-employed). If the contract is signed for 3 months, for example, for the services of web design and site development, and you're a sales representative, you get (100%/3)*0.15 from the contract sum on your checking account or your bank card


A client that you recommended contacted us.
We formed a contract with the client for PPC ad optimization in Google Ads and Yandex. Direct for 1 month, all amounting to the sum of $1000. That means, you as a referee will get 15% from $1000., i.e. $150