42 times more sales in the e-commerce project

Case study on advertising in Google Ads of a big E-commerce site

Stage 1

We have started to work with the client in September 2019, with a goal of moving the project’s ad management to Google Ads, because the client didn’t have enough time for managing business and advertising.

Google Data Studio report. KPI before the start of work.

We’ve made a short audit of the current ad campaigns in the account. During this stage of auditing these campaigns were working: Then a client brief was made, the results of it showed: Then we’ve made a work plan for the next 3 months:

Stage 2

Google Data Studio report.Results after stage one.

During the first 3 months, the following works were carried out:

Stage 3

Google Data Studio report.Results for the next 5 months

After the next 5 months:


The conversion rate increased more than 10 times, and the ROI more than 38 times. These results were possible because: