“From zero to hero” case study rhythmic gymnastic studio 🧚‍♀️

Case study on advertising in Google Ads for rhythmic gymnastics studio in LA, CA


We started working with the client in March 2019 to increase the number of conversions from Google Ads

A report in Google Data Studio. Indicators before the start of work.

A smart search advertising campaign was set up by the client via Google Ads Express, he turned to us at the beginning, only for the purpose of helping to set up goals. After 1,5 months, she turned to us to set up and maintenance account her account, as its set up didn’t show satisfactory results. 📌 After client briefing, as a result of which the following were determined: 📌 Next, a work plan was drawn up:


Report in Google Data Studio. Results for 2 months.

📌 We made a classic search advertising campaign and optimized it, after which it began to bring the bulk of conversions at a very pleasant price. 📌 We divided the requests by intent, set up all extensions, wrote 3 ads for each group (1 adaptive + 2 extended), cleaned up the search queries (there were a lot of queries for unfitted geo), set up adjustments for demographics, audiences, and devices. 📌 After we’ve brought enough statistics, we switched campaign to the maximum conversions strategy from manual bid-control. 📌 We made a GDN campaign with the division of groups by topic and intent and optimized it. We made 2 adaptive ads for each group. The group by topic, had a higher quantity of conversions and a slightly lower price per conversion, since the budget was limited, disabled the group by intent. After brought enough statistics, the campaign was switched to the maximum conversions strategy too. 📌 We set up remarketing in the GDN and received a very small number of conversions. After that, we decided to turn of it, because to optimize advertising campaigns, we need a lot of data, and the size of different remarketing audiences did not allow us to get a large amount of data. 📌 We made edits to the site, thereby increasing the quality of keywords, which made advertising cheaper and brought us more conversions 📌 Set up a report in Google Data Studio< / p>


Report in Google Data Studio. Results for the next 4 months.

📌 Performed standard optimization of current advertising campaigns 📌 We tested the hypothesis on the look-a-like audience for converted users. Due to the small amount of data, the result was not obtained. 📌 We tested a Smart GDN, because of a very narrow region and a small number of settings in it, we had to disable unsuitable geo after the fact through the “Report based on geographical data”. But it brought more and cheaper conversions than the classic CMS 😲 📌 We set up ad groups for the summer camp for gymnasts, that showed excellent results (both 😁)


Report in Google Data Studio. An increase in the quantity of conversions by several times, and a reduction in the price per conversion (CPA) by 70%.

Special thanks to the customer for: 💚 full trust 💜 understanding that just setting up is not enough We are really hope that pandemic end soon! 🧚‍♀️