“From zero to hero” case study rhythmic gymnastic studio

Case study on advertising in Google Ads for rhythmic gymnastics studio in LA, CA


We started working with the client in March 2019 to increase the number of conversions from Google Ads

A report in Google Data Studio. Indicators before the start of work.

A smart search advertising campaign was set up by the client via Google Ads Express, he turned to us at the beginning, only for the purpose of helping to set up goals. After 1,5 months, she turned to us to set up and maintenance account her account, as its set up didn’t show satisfactory results. After client briefing, as a result of which the following were determined: Next, a work plan was drawn up:


Report in Google Data Studio. Results for 2 months.


Report in Google Data Studio. Results for the next 4 months.


Report in Google Data Studio. An increase in the quantity of conversions by several times, and a reduction in the price per conversion (CPA) by 70%.

Special thanks to the customer for: We are really hope that pandemic end soon!